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Canada stands out not just for its abundant resources, but for its leadership in fostering diversity and inclusivity.

As a proud Canadian, my journey to Canada in 2009 was marked by initial uncertainty. However, what truly struck me was the readiness of established professionals to volunteer their time and share insights with newcomers like me.

I was fortunate to connect with these professionals, and their support was invaluable. It’s hard to put into words the transformative impact of their guidance. They helped me transition from feeling unprepared to fully equipped to navigate Canadian culture, including workplace norms and readiness.

Having benefited greatly from these experiences, I now want to pay it forward and contribute to your settlement journey. Welcome to “Everyone Settles Canada Organization” at ESCanada.org.

This platform is open to all newcomers to Canada, providing a space for questions, answers, and engaging in online discussions.

I’m excited to have you join our diverse Canadian community!

Founder of ES Canada Org

Sakher (Sam) Mrishih