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Although Canada is among the most resource-rich countries in the world, I believe that it leads the way as one of the most diverse and inclusive communities in the world.

I am a proud Canadian. When I moved to Canada in 2009, I knew very little about the country, the people and the culture. What amazed me most about my new home, was how established professionals were always ready and willing to volunteer their time to meet a newly arrived newcomer professional, to share their valuable insight and advice.

I was fortunate to meet those professionals. It is beyond my words to describe the benefits I received from our interactions. In other words, it was life changing. They helped me transition from “zero ready,” to “fully ready,” to adapt to Canadian culture in every way. This included training, work readiness and understanding Canadian workplace culture.

Having received these supports and benefits from valued professionals, I would like to make a contribution to your new settlement experience. So welcome to, “Everyone Settles Canada Organization” ESCanada.org.

There is room for everyone on this exciting new platform. This is the place where all approved newcomers to Canada can ask questions, find answers and participate in our online discussion forums.

I look forward to you being part of our Canadian mosaic community.

Sakher (Sam) Mrishih